Dr Visser Hermann Buhr
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Dr Visser Hermann Buhr

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Joy – 15 July 2013 :

Dr. Visser is wonderful. A great listener, very thorough, is honest about being new to town, unbelievable followup, on time for appointments, just a few of his great qualities. I hope that this great service continues, that he doesn't burn out. Pleases that he came to Nanaimo and more so that he is younger than me, so hopefully will be my doctor for a long period of time.

Kathleen – 10 July 2013 :

Dr. Visser is the best doctor I've ever interacted with. He really cares about his patients and takes the time to discuss all your concerns. He's very thorough and his bedside manner is wonderful. Highly, highly recommended.

Connie – 30 April 2013 :

Dr. H. Visser is an awesome doctor. Never had a doctor that would take the time to listen to my concerns. Always willing to listen to suggestions and follows through with tests and any kind of special procedure that was needed. Also, the best doctor I have ever had.

Brenda – 19 April 2013 :

Dr. H. Visser is a great doctor. He really cares and takes the time to talk. Best Dr. I have ever had.

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