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Louise – 13 November 2014 :

I really appreciated Dr. Ross's caring and dedicated approach. I was diagnosed with cancer cells on my forehead. While I waited (one year) for a Mohs surgery I decided on my own to use a cream called Curaderm. It seemed to take care of the problem so I wanted to cancel my surgery. Fortunately the clinic did not let me do that until I talk to Dr. Ross about it. Dr. Ross first agreed that things looked fine and that I could cancel. However, she followed up with a phone call to the surgeon and phone me the same day (twice) to recommend I go ahead with the surgery just in case. Sure enough there was cancer cell left under the scar which, according to the surgeon, could have remained unnoticed for a long time... So thank you Dr. Ross!!

mrsmith – 19 September 2014 :

Dr. Ross is amazing! Caring, relaxed and focused on treating patients well. Ease is scheduling, despite her popularity, is very good. She's extremely knowledgeable.

Alastair – 20 March 2013 :

I visited Dr. Ross after several years of doctors telling me the problems with my hands and feet were fungus and a result of my work as a carpenter. Dr. Ross took the time to scrape several samples and was able to conclude the very same day that the condition was psoriosis. This in turn had my rheumatologist revisit my diagnosis of RA and conclude I have PA. Many of my skin issues are controlled due to her effective diagnosis and treatment.

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