Dr Muniswamappa Sampath Nagendra

Dr Muniswamappa Sampath Nagendra

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    Developmental Disability Mental Health Team
    203-3939 Quadra St
    Victoria V8X 1J5
    British Columbia
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Mara Jane Rogers – 27 September 2015 :

I can highly recommend Dr. Nagendra Muniswamappa as an excellent psychiatrist. He is very compassionate, nice, & very helpful. He was my psychiatrist for about one year here in Victoria, BC. at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Patient Care Centre. I also visited him monthly at the Victoria Mental Health Centre. He was very patient, caring, & I owe my good mental health to him! He got me back on my feet & I am greatful for his care & MINDFULNESS!!!

Mara Jane Rogers – 23 September 2015 :

I can highly recommend Dr. Sampath as a great psychiatrist! He is very nice, compassionate, & really unique psychiatrist. Dr, Sampath was the seventh psychiatrist that I visited re: my so-called Bipolar Affective Disorder. Although he specialized in the field of schizophrenia when I was seeing him, I was very fortunate that he took me on as a client. He was working here in Victoria, B.C. until leaving for further studies. He worked for the Victoria Mental Health Centre & the Patient Care Centre.
Dr. Sampath rescued me from another Victoria psychiatrist who had me on so many drugs that the psychologist, neurologist, nurses, & even Dr. Sampath was suspecting that I was not only suffering from Bipolar Disorder, but also suffering with frontal lobal dementia. It was the drug cocktail that was causing all the dementia-like symptoms! Thank the Great Spirit for Dr. Sampath!!!
Dr. Sampath is a great listener, has a very quiet manner, & a very welcoming smile. He is an excellent younger shrink & practices very good psychiatric medicine. He got me on a low dose of an antipsychotic drug Seroquel & where I started to function pretty well, especially compared to the dredful state that the other shrink had me taking. The mental healthcare team were talking about putting me in a group home, due to the dementia-like symptoms where I couldn't care for myself! I am very greatful for doctors like Dr. Sampath!!!

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