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Dr Chahal Chaman Preet Singh

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HLK – 02 August 2016 :

Dr. Chahal is brilliant and caring. I have seen him since I was switched to an adult neurologist in 2012, and he really takes every bit of my history into consideration. His explanations are always thorough, so that I understand why something is the best decision. If there is a such thing as a perfect doctor, I'd say that it is definitely Dr. Chahal.

Reet – 05 February 2015 :

Your are the best doctor I have ever seen.You explained it so well. He is a charm

merlense – 25 February 2014 :

I went there with a huge list of questions. The doctor start to explain me and my wife everything I got in a very pleasant way. At the end I did not hava anything to ask.
I felt really confident and protected.
Only problem are the front office assistants. they are incredible rude on the phone. A pity!

midinette – 13 June 2013 :

Had many different problems for the last few yrs. And one very bad experience with a specialist. This is the nicest Dr. that I'v seen in a long time. Actually cares about what you tell him, is not dismissive and follows up.

noodlenose – 07 March 2013 :

Ditto what Tmjb says. From my experience, one of the better specialists I've ever seen in terms of listening, not being dismissive, wanting to help, etc. Pleasant, friendly demeanor.

Tmjb – 06 February 2013 :

I've only seen this dr one time so far. If I need to, I will not hesitate to go back to him. Great dr. Caring and pleasant bedside manor. Seems to know what he's talking about.

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