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Giovanni Cornutt – 09 September 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah is always punctual, and explains everything to me patiently and thoroughly. I never felt rushed or pressured in any of my interactions with him. His gentle and caring manner not only makes me feel comfortable with him but it honestly makes me feel like he cares for me as an individual.

Marline Archer – 28 August 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah is one of the best Cardiologists I've ever dealt with. He's very professional, yet very caring and informative. My family and I have referred many people to him. He is a one of a kind doctor and I'm really glad that he is my cardiologist. Don't think I'd be here today if it wasn't for him.

Elizabet Amidi – 21 August 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah is one of the most competent, caring cardiologists you will ever be treated by. He is not only thorough in searching for a diagnosis, but he takes the time to explain what he is testing for and makes sure you understand the results and treatment plan. His most unique quality is that he listens to what you have to say. You are not a number in his office; you are a person. We need cardiologist like him!

Adelaide Macumber – 19 August 2013 :

In an ever changing world in uncertain times, I take comfort in knowing my heart health is in the best of hands with Dr. Abdullah. I have known him personally and have been his patient since 2008. I always recommend Dr. Abdullah to my family, friends and clients because I know...my heart's in the right place!

Hipolito Gibbons – 16 August 2013 :

When I first came in to see Dr. Abdullah My father had so much pain in chest and could barely stand up or walk correctly. Dr. Abdullah helped him so much, he is kind man and I thank him for giving back my father’s life. My father says he cannot express how better he feels now. I would recommend Dr. Abdullah to anyone that has chest pain like my father has. Thank you so much Dr. Abdullah.

Corbin Allred – 06 August 2013 :

My need for cardiac care brought me to Dr. Abdullah. I had a pacemaker implanted and I suffered from coronary artery disease. Dr. Abdullah recommended this special treatment called ECP therapy for me because of my plugged arteries and my off and on chest pains. His staff provided great service. The ECP therapy was magnificent. I had more energy and could walk longer without feeling tired or out of breath. Dr. Abdullah is a highly experienced, efficient and knowledgeable doctor who is the reason I feel so much better.

Luis Alberni – 05 August 2013 :

In the 5 years I have been under Dr. Abdullah’s care my exercise stress tests have gotten better and my arterial blockages have lessened significantly. Dr. Abdullah was one of the smartest physicians I've met in the past 70 years. I really miss his care now, he was such a compassionate physician with a deep desire to help.

TroyLawson – 02 August 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah was an amazing cardiologist! He took great care of his patients and was always there for all of your needs. He had taken care of my family for years. I still couldn’t find a replacement for him who is even half as compassionate and caring as he was.

Jeremy roenic – 01 August 2013 :

I had heart issues since I was 31. I met with Dr. Abdullah almost a decade ago and every time I visit, I have nothing to worry about. He and his staff physicians follow up, explain, and make sure I receive the treatments needed in order to prolong my life. I have gone through several angiograms, was referred to and completed a defibrillator implant, a battery replacement, and other heart related issues. Without Dr. Abdullah, I may have gone through several open heart surgeries. I am very appreciative of his work.

DannyAiello – 29 July 2013 :

Dr Abdullah truly cares about his patients and their entire body well being. He is very professional, knowledgeable and up to date and a great doctor and cardiologist. I was referred to Dr Abdullah to treat my hypertension and he has helped me get it under control. The staff at Dr Abdullah’s office is friendly, helpful and professional, making my visits comfortable and pleasant.

DavidAckert – 25 July 2013 :

Over the three years of care under Dr. Abdullah’s guidance, I have always been impressed and grateful for his attention and the knowledge he brings to his patient.

JohnHicks – 22 July 2013 :

After my many moves nationally, and receiving good and less satisfying care from more than a dozen cardiologists, Dr. Abdullah remains outstanding in his ability and insight. He is one of the few specialists who devote the time to know his patients and their families. He strongly advocates for his patients’ care first. When I briefly moved away, I remained in contact with Dr. Abdullah for his medical opinion knowing he was the one physician I could trust. I know how fortunate I am to have him managing my cardiac care and appreciate his belief that physicians enter a respectful partnership with their patients.

GeorgeSisler – 18 July 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah has been treating my husband for several years and under his excellent care, my husband is doing very well. We have both found Dr. Abdullah to be incredibly responsive to our queries and concerns. We also appreciate that his office is structured such that there is never an unconscionable wait, unlike many other physicians we visit. We have heartily recommended him to our friends, and will continue to do so.

NathanielChalobah – 16 July 2013 :

I found Dr Abdullah very attentive, knowledgeable and informative. The changes he made to my previous treatment were life changing and appears to be suppressing my Atrial Fibrillation. I would highly recommend Dr Abdullah to anyone seeking a consultation for heart related problems.

Jake Abel – 11 July 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah is a truly amazing cardiologist. My dad was a patient of his for about 2 1/2 years. He had a pacemaker put in when he was 88 and did very well. Dr.Abdullah listens, and answers all your questions, no matter how many times you ask. His staff was wonderful too. I would highly recommend anyone needing a Cardiologist to go to Dr.Abdullah.

HelenHolifield – 03 July 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah is not only a skilled cardiologist, but also a caring physician who treats his patients with dignity, kindness and eases the minds of the patient's family. I know this because my husband was under his care two years back and he has saved my husband's life.

BettyWilliams – 02 July 2013 :

I trust Dr. Abdullah with my heart. He put stents in, and did all the medical procedures that allowed me to walk again. Before that, I could barely walk 5 to 10 feet, due to my poor circulation and shortness of breath.

PaulaOh – 01 July 2013 :

I had a great experience with my Cardiologist doctor, Dr. Abdullah. The doctor was a great listener, was willing to recommend the right tests, and took my concerns seriously - this is sometimes hard to find in a doctor. His nurses & technicians were really nice too.

AllenPratt – 26 June 2013 :

Dr. Abdullah has a wonderful manner with older patients. He asks questions to indicate his genuine interest in them and how they are doing. His professional manner is tempered with a compassionate, caring side. He takes time with a patient and does not appear hurried when he is with them. Answers any and all questions. Very thorough. He is highly appreciated.

FredVila – 20 June 2013 :

After a heart attack and several angioplasties I moved to Canada. Dr. Abdullah was recommended by my family physician. During an appointment for a consultation and before this first visit with him was over, I made the decision that he was my new cardiologist! He spent an enormous amount of time with me explaining in detail what my problems were and what was needed for me to correct/live with those problems.

AndresLee – 17 June 2013 :

For nearly 3 years I have been pleased to say, "Dr. Alnoor Abdullah is MY Cardiologist." His competency in his specialty was of the highest level, and his relationship with a network of colleagues is especially beneficial. He and his staff were always quick to respond in a friendly, professional manner to any question or need. I truly felt "at home" as his patient.

ErnaShires – 10 June 2013 :

In 2010, I underwent open heart surgery with five bypasses. After my surgery I was a little lost. I didn’t know any good cardiologists in the area. God was looking out for me. My primary doctor recommended Dr. Abdullah. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I enjoyed quality, compassionate, personalized care, which has carried me now for over three years. Dr. Abdullah has helped me go through hard and thick times. I so wish he was still practicing, it’s hard to find a caring physician like him these days.

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